“It took all three of us to heave her over the side of the boat,” the crew said.
The lucky crustacean was too small to eat, and was tossed back into the ocean.
Everything you should know on the new outdoor COVID-19 recommendations and what's considered safe if you're vaccinated.
The Lone Star State has long muddled the line between hunting and farming. Now cloning may help game ranches breed big bucks.
One of the whales found washed up on the beach was struck by a ship, while the causes of death for the others is unknown.
Unfortunately, the mysterious ailment has other tragic and life-threatening symptoms.
"I was really confused," Virginia high school student Brendan Martin said after the wild incident interrupted his nap.
Tragically, not all of the endangered tortoises survived the transport. A police officer has been arrested in the alleged smuggling case, authorities said.
“For children, risk from the virus is very low, but harm from stopping them from playing together is potentially high."