'Little House' Star Shares Sweet Story Of How She Became A 75-Year-Old Newlywed

Charlotte Stewart says she and her new husband actually go way back.

Long after her role as the sweet schoolteacher from “Little House on the Prairie” ended, Charlotte Stewart took on a rather unexpected role in her personal life: 75-year-old newlywed. 

The actress married Michael Santos just about a year ago and recently shared the story of how they met (and reconnected!) during an interview for “Oprah: Where Are They Now ― Extra,” explaining that she and Michael actually go way back.

“We met, oh gosh, over 30 years ago,” Charlotte says. “His sister married my brother, and we met then.”

Despite the connection, Charlotte and Michael went their separate ways. They each married other people, raised children and focused on their careers, hers in Los Angeles and his in northern California. Then, as life would have it, both Charlotte and Michael’s spouses passed away. The two crossed paths again about a year later, during the holidays.

“We met Christmas Eve, three years ago, when I opened the door and there was an old friend,” Charlotte says. “Michael was standing there and my brain went, ‘Ya-hoo!!’ I think his did the same thing.”

As giddy as she felt, Charlotte says she composed herself, as did Michael. “We were very, you know, calm,” Charlotte says. “We’ve literally been together ever since.” 

The couple married on Aug. 30 of last year, and are currently planning their first anniversary. 

“We’re going to spend it in France, with a ‘Little House on the Prairie’ reunion,” Charlotte says.

For someone who has been through many of life’s ups and downs, Charlotte is grateful to have her husband by her side and says she’s looking toward the future with an open heart.

“I have fallen into circumstances that were unbelievable ― some of them good, some of them, ‘oh my gosh’ ― but I’m 75 years old today and a newlywed,” Charlotte says. “I have no doubt that the universe has plans for me.”

You can learn more about Charlotte Stewart in her book, Little House in the Hollywood Hills. 

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