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Will Byler and Bailee Ackerman Byler had only just tied the knot when the helicopter they were traveling in crashed.
"If you've been married for any length of time, you've thought about grocery shopping during sex. Don't front."
"It felt like five or six hands were grabbing into the side of my arm and squeezing it as hard as they could," she said.
Do NOT complain about your spouse to your mother.
Being a newlywed is awesome. Seriously, it is! There are moments when the world feels like it’s revolving around you and
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Don’t be scared to invest in your marriage.
Now that same sex marriage is the law of the land, engaged gay couples are going to be having some serious chats about money if they want their love to survive the ever after.
Congratulations! You are getting married soon, and you are caught up in a whirlwind of planning activities. There are so many details to consider that you may forget one important detail that applies if you are changing your name -- applying for a new Social Security card.