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8 Figure-Friendly Snacks for 2016

The dreaded New Year's Resolution is upon us. But fear not! These delicious, guilt-free snacks will help you reach your goal in no time.
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The dreaded New Year's Resolution is upon us. But fear not! These delicious, guilt-free snacks will help you reach your goal in no time.


AKA "kale crack" because they're so addictive, these crispy chips are made from one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet. They're salty, sweet and spicy; and the sesame seeds add nutty flavor and heft. GET THE RECIPE


Granola bars are a staple in my pantry, but between my husband, my kids, and my kids' hungry friends, I can't seem to keep enough of them in the house. I figured it was time to try and make them from scratch, and maybe even sneak in some health food. After many trials, I finally cracked the code and came up with a version that puts all those store-bought bars to shame. What's more, they're no-bake and take only ten minutes to make. GET THE RECIPE


These tropical smoothies are perfect for breakfast to start the day. They also make a refreshing afternoon snack or even a healthy dessert. GET THE RECIPE


This recipe was inspired by the homemade granola served at The Inn at Occidental in Sonoma County, CA. With clusters of old-fashioned oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and wheat germ, it's delicious and nutritious. GET THE RECIPE


Thickened with Greek yogurt, this fruit-packed smoothie is a little sweet, a little tart and a whole lot of healthy. GET THE RECIPE


When you roast chickpeas at a high temperature, they become crisp on the outside and buttery on the inside. They're as addictive as French fries, yet so much better for you. GET THE RECIPE


In this refreshing and gorgeous winter fruit salad, oranges, grapefruits and pomegranate arils are soaked in a combination of their own juices. The fruit soaks up the syrup, and the syrup is so good you'll want to drink it straight from the bowl. GET THE RECIPE


For me, this is the end-all, be-all crispy granola bar. The secret ingredient, believe it or not, is Rice Krispies, which make the bars wonderfully light and crispy. If you can imagine what a cross between a granola bar and Rice Krispy Treat would taste like, this is it. GET THE RECIPE