8 Perfect Ways To Incorporate Cats Into Your Home Décor

Because they're the purrfect conversation piece

Ancient Egyptians first discovered this key interior design principle: Cats make everything better. The Egyptians devoted sculptures, murals and other décor to the feline aesthetic in the belief that these magical creatures brought good luck. And while modern cat owners may spend a lot of time extracting pesky hairs from tabletops and blankets, we still know that a cat’s presence is the ultimate home upgrade for living the charmed life. That’s why we’ve partnered with Tidy Cats to reveal eight ways that our feline friends enhance our environs and make our living spaces more pleasant. Snuggle up with your kitty and prepare to get inspired!

1. In The Sunroom
Don’t be surprised if your cats spend hours bird watching between power naps in the sunroom. Natural light brightens this contemporary extension, beckoning sleepy kitties to snooze the day away in style. The large, glass windows expose the garden and ensnare felines’ jungle instincts just as much as they appeal to our inner Zen. Adding a chic rug incorporates texture into the space, and your cats are sure to claim it as their own – spreading out confidently right in the path of foot traffic. Best watch your step, because your kitty is too smart to give up this prime piece of real estate.
2. In The Living Room
Livingly/Genevieve Garruppo
There’s a reason the fashion world coined the term “catwalk.” Embrace your cat’s natural elegance through a streamlined sofa. Solid, neutral colors make your kitty’s sleek coat stand out, which also ensures that you avoid accidental squishing upon sitting down. If your cat has a taste for the spotlight, choose a minimal base with bold accents to let your furball’s personality be the focal point. Here, Tigger the cat sits proudly on his couch, ready and waiting for a close-up.
3. In The Bedroom
Red Images Fine Photography/Heather Robbins
If cats have nine lives, let them live their best life this time around! While you’re out earning a paycheck, your cats are spending most of their days perfecting the art of relaxation at home -- so let’s help them keep the bed warm for you by cultivating this dreamy environment. Light-colored bedding and flowy drapes nurture an airy spirit, and the whimsical headboard pays homage to your cat’s curled-up sleeping positions. With this much comfort, your cat may just sleep through the night!
4. In The Dining Room
Red Images Fine Photography/Heather Robbins
Combined with the bistro chairs and an oversized art print, your cat will top off the Parisian look and exude la vie en rose. Pop open a bottle of Champagne and celebrate the good life with this cheery style. The tablecloth not only softens the hard surface for your cat’s comfort, but, when removed, it also tidies up the eating space for dinner time. Switch up the colors and patterns to freshen up the room’s style (but you’ll find your kitty’s bliss is the true scene setter). Here, Lex the cat unwinds in one of his favorite spots.
5. On The Walls
Many cat owners strategically install shelves up high to place precious décor beyond the reach of their mischievous kitties. Yet your cat becomes the work of art with these designer shelves. From Henri Matisse to Salvador Dalí, numerous artists treated their favorite felines as muses. Follow suit and let your cats pose on high or literally bounce off the walls to not only let them amuse themselves, but also entertain you and your guests!
6. In The Guest Room
For smaller spaces such as the guest room or a studio apartment, channel this bohemian look. Your lounging cat will complement the assorted pillows on the convertible daybed, which offers more crevices for your kitty to squeeze behind during stakeouts. Plus, the forest mural boosts the room’s liveliness for city kitties who may also develop a taste for Beat poetry dwelling in such boho spaces. Here, Lucky confirms the room has indeed reached an optimal level of comfort!
7. In The Bathroom
Chang Sylligardos Architects
There might be a good reason why your cat follows you into the bathroom – a reason other than sneaking a drink from the dripping faucet (ever noticed how they like to do that?!?) or its general obsession with you. Cats see the bathroom as the coolest spot in the home. Not only temperature-wise (although tiles do provide colder surfaces for overheated cats to rest). But cats also enhance daring design. Statement fixtures in this space can truly cast your kitty in the best light, warming up the bathroom’s overall style.
8. In The Family Room
Gast Architects/Paul Dyer Photography
Curate ambiance in the heart of your home where your family and friends will gather. White, built-in bookcases soften the room with your personal library and mementos, and a thick blanket ups the cozy factor. But there’s no doubt that the centerpiece will be your cat. In fact, your cat is likely to be sitting at the epicenter of this space, welcoming onlookers to enjoy the peaceful vibes too.Because cats are the center of our lives -- and they know it.

Time and time again, cats upgrade our life ― whether as the ultimate accessory for any beautifully designed room, or just because they make life more pleasant. Make sure to do right by your favorite felines by giving them the best. New Tidy Cats LightWeight with Glade Tough Odor Solutions Clean Blossoms keeps your home smelling fresh ― which is something that both you and your furry friend can smile about. Now that’s the power of pleasant.