Badass 88-Year-Old Ex-Coach Wears Short Sleeves In Sub-Zero Temps

Because they don't make 'em like Bud Grant anymore

Former Minnesota Vikings coach Bud Grant, who's already in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, is now an unofficial member of the Badass Hall of Fame. The 88-year-old Grant took the field for the coin toss Sunday before the Vikings-Seahawks playoff game in short sleeves. That would be fine, if the game were somehow played in Miami. But this was Minnesota and it was -6 degrees. You go, Coach. 

Grant later donned a jacket, but he already earned his tough-guy cred as far as we're concerned.

One last look at a true Viking who sneers at Viking weather.

Unfortunately, the Vikings' 10-9 defeat after kicker Blair Walsh missed a 27-yard field goal attempt in the waning seconds probably didn't warm the heart of the ol' coach.

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