9 Places For Travelers To Blow Off Steam (PHOTOS)

Yoga is great. Spa days are excellent. Meditating at an ashram can be sublime. Unfortunately, relaxation doesn't work for everyone. Some people just need to break stuff or exhaust themselves utterly in order to calm down. Is it a sign of mental health? Nope. Is it better than stewing in one's one rage? Absolutely.

A mud mask may work for some, but for many a slog through actual, non-exfoliating muck is simply preferable.

The question is how to blow of steam without hurting other people or generally wreaking havoc -- also how to do it near the sort of pleasant environment where one might wish to relax after a day of shooting strangers with paintballs or tossing tires with backhoes. The eight activities below offer both an appropriate forum to freak out in and a nice place to be calm afterward.

It is better, after all, to pursue your own zen, even if it happens to be smashing something. Better to be constructively destructive then destructively calm.

These experiences will leave you spent without leaving you incarcerated. There is, of course, a lot to be said for that.

7 Ways To Blow Off Steam