A Nifty Little Trick for Keeping a Sliced Apple From Going Brown

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Look at you, making your lunch ahead of time. You'd pat yourself on the back if you weren't irrationally worried about that sliced apple turning into a caramel-colored pile of mush by 12:30 p.m. Well, get to patting because this trick will keep your fruit looking fresh hours down the road.


What you need: A whole apple, a knife and a thick, tight rubber band.

What you do: Slice up an apple like usual and hang onto the core. Put the fruit back together and wrap the rubber band around it to keep everything in place. Throw it in your purse, a lunchbox, whatever, until it's time to dig in.

Why it works: By reassembling the apple you keep the freshly cut surfaces hidden from air and oxygen--the main culprits in browning.

Sweet. You are now free to smother with peanut butter.

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