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Bernie Sanders and allies want to squeeze hospitals, which is very necessary — and very difficult.
"If I could get healthy enough to model, I might inspire another young cancer kid like me not to give up."
A group of anonymous parents filed the lawsuit on Monday against local health officials over their new mandatory measles vaccination order.
Scientists altered the virus to deliver a gene that the children lacked. It's not yet known whether the fix will be permanent.
With the disease spreading to new states and the number of cases only expected to rise, here’s what you need to know.
Tel Aviv University researchers are hoping this technology could eventually be used to help human patients who need heart transplants.
Making overdose-reversal drug and clean needles more accessible was once an extremely unpopular idea.
Most people don't know the signs or the difference between different types of head pain, according to doctors.
As of last week, 555 cases had been reported in 20 states, up from 15 states earlier this month.
Plus, how to make sure you're getting enough of each so you're healthy.
“The room was filled with people who wanted to die."
Caito Foods LLC, which distributes its fruit to Walmart, Target and Kroger, issued a similar recall last year.
Donald Greene Sr., and his son, Donald Greene II allegedly sold body parts on the black market they knew were contaminated with infectious diseases.
The country's top court ordered lawmakers to lift the ban, which punishes women who receive abortions and doctors who perform the procedure, by next year.
Turmeric, matcha, kombucha: Some trendy superfoods live up to the hype. Others may do more harm than good.
The Westfield, New Jersey, educator lapsed into a coma during the procedure.
If the bill passes, Maine would become the fourth state to end religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions.
The Trump administration is trying to kill the Affordable Care Act in court. William Barr isn't interested in addressing the human cost.
House Bill 896 aims to criminalize all abortions and defines the procedure as homicide, which is punishable by death in Texas.
Dr. Russell Portenoy, an early advocate for the use of opioids to treat chronic pain, struck a deal with plaintiffs' lawyers, court records show.