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Since November, the share of U.S. hospitals nearing the breaking point has doubled, an Associated Press analysis found.
The country’s first case of the infection was diagnosed almost exactly a year ago.
Sir Patrick Vallance said the new coronavirus strain may kill three or four more people per 1000 than the original virus.
Sen. Stephen Huffman was appointed to the state's Senate Health Committee despite questioning whether “the colored population” was disproportionately contracting the coronavirus because of their hygiene.
Public health experts say getting a dose into someone’s arm, anyone’s arm, is better than throwing it away.
The two-shot combo called Cabenuva is expected to make it easier for people to stay on track with their HIV medicines and to do so with more privacy.
Blood from vaccinated subjects neutralized lab-created pseudo-viruses that mimicked the variant, a preliminary study found.
Here's how to figure out when it's your turn to receive the coronavirus shots, where you can find appointments and more.
The pet, Boncuk, shows up every day around 9 a.m. and waits until nightfall for her owner, but doesn’t go into the facility.
The coronavirus pandemic has made bedtime (and bedtime routines) harder for many families. These tips will help you get that under control.