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These subtle red flags can be confused with other health issues. Here’s what to know so you can protect yourself and others.
The beverage, which is made with ground-up mushrooms and coffee beans, purportedly tastes like regular coffee while offering more benefits.
Environmental agencies are often quick to declare the air, water and soil safe after chemical disasters like the Ohio train derailment — but huge knowledge gaps exist.
Can just one meal can hurt heart health, gut health and weight loss goals? We have mostly good news for you.
Thriving looks different for everyone. If you are 50 or older, it's time to ask your doctor or pharmacist about your risk for shingles and about vaccination.
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Nail thickness, color and shape may be indicative of health issues.
The increase could spell trouble for kids who, without the proper inoculations, are less protected from dangerous but preventable diseases like polio.
With the busy season approaching, you might want to enjoy a cocktail or two with friends and family. It's important to know what kind of impact those festive drinks can have so that a good time doesn’t turn into a bad tomorrow.
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Shields was surprised to see her former co-star come to her rescue when she had a serious health scare in September.
“People in their middle age talk about their mortality,” the senator told Men’s Health. “I’ve experienced my mortality, so I’m not afraid of it anymore.”