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Teva was accused of helping fuel the U.S. opioid crisis. The drugmaker said the settlement "does not establish any wrongdoing on the part of the company."
Alabama’s abortion ban animated Democrats, but Trump and other Republicans seeking re-election have distanced themselves from it.
U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves struck down a law that bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected.
The "Queer Eye" star sparked an impassioned discussion about language and ableism on Twitter.
The pressure to conform to Western values, lifestyles and standards of success can be especially hard on disabled Asian Americans.
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Experts explain the link between the two and how the meat itself can be a bigger culprit than the grill.
Black people "know more than anybody that being able to control our bodies is essential to our liberation,” said Yamani Hernandez.
Robert Baldwin promoted his miracle liquid as a cure for malaria, HIV/AIDS, cancer and many other sicknesses. It was actually industrial-grade bleach, a report claims.
Abortion clinics and their staff are on high alert as the anti-choice movement steps into high gear.
880 people have contracted the disease since the outbreak began, according to federal health officials.
There is no "fetal heartbeat" at six weeks, doctors say.
The rule makes it easier for health care workers to refuse medical procedures like abortion, sterilizations and assisted suicide on religious or moral grounds.
The legislation comes amid a series of anti-abortion measures moving forward in other states.
As several states roll back abortion access, California lawmakers are pushing ahead with expansions.
The CDC and the FDA caution doctors not to taper the doses too quickly and cause patients to suffer “uncontrolled pain, psychological distress and suicide.”
Cox urged people to include trans men in abortion debates in the wake of Alabama passing the strictest anti-abortion measure in the country.
The two boys and four girls born in Krakow on Monday are Poland's first sextuplets
I just became a statistic of violence against escorts, staff and physicians at abortion clinics nationwide.
The senators pointed to a meteoric rise in vaping among teenagers.