A-Sides With Jon Chattman: A Silent Film Continues Leaving Their Mark

Jean Dujardin and The Artist danced their way to an Oscar a few months ago, but it could be a different "silent film" that could actually have more staying power. The Oxford-based band known as A Silent Film (hence the cornball intro) are on the verge of releasing Sand & Snow, the follow-up to their well-received debut effort A City That Sleeps. The first song off the album, which drops on June 5, is already getting significant airplay. At the Sneak Attack Media offices in Lower Manhattan last week, the quartet of Robert Stevenson, Spencer Walker, Karl Bareham and Ali Hussain performed a stripped-down version of "Danny, Dakota & the Wishing Well." Stevenson also performed their mega hit "You Will Leave a Mark" off A City That Sleeps solo. It was all so very awesome, and didn't need a Jack Russell terrier to add to the entertainment factor.

Following each performance, A Silent Film took part in an extremely informal chat that covered their upcoming tour, and the band's growth between their first and second albums. Watch. Listen. Leave a Mark.

Danny, Dakota & The Wishing Well

Candid interview

"You Will Leave a Mark" and interview

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