ABC News Launching Special Series On Afghanistan

ABC News announced the launch of a special series on the war in Afghanistan, "Afghanistan: Can We Win?" The series starts on Sunday, and will examine the toll the war has taken, whether the US should withdraw from the country and what a "victory" in Afghanistan would look like.

The series begins with a special episode of "This Week," in which Christiane Amanpour will host a roundtable discussion about the war. On Monday, George Stephanopoulos will co-anchor "Good Morning America" from Kabul, where he will interview David Petraeus, leader of the armed forces in Afghanistan. He will also talk to a group of soldiers about the effect the war has had on them.

The series will also feature reports from the front lines of the war, as well as a look at how the nearly ten years of combat has affected Afghan citizens. Reports will air on all of ABC's news programs.

In addition, the network will release the results of its sixth annual poll of Afghans' opinions about matters ranging from the economy to the conduct of U.S. troops.