Actuel Dogs Bills Itself As Paris' First Luxury Pet Hotel (PHOTOS)

The first uxury hotel for dogs has opened in Paris, according to Reuters. Actuel Dogs, in Vincennes outside of Paris, offers heated pools, massage salons, gyms and training programs for their canine clients.

The owners, Devi and Stan Burun are both lifelong dog-lovers, treat their clients are humans, except that, of course, they aren't. No matter, the rooms are lined with TVs so dogs can watch DVDs as well as framed prints of their fellow furry friends.

Dog owners pay between roughly $36 and $48 to leave their pets for the day. The hotel has four singles and two suites.

"People think we serve the dogs' food from silver platters but this is not pointless, extravagant luxury," Devi told Reuters. "It's not like in the United States or Japan -- giving the dogs manicures, dying their fur pink -- that's human madness. Our priority is to meet the dogs' needs. People live in small apartments in Paris, they work, they don't have time to walk their dogs. We respond to those needs," she added.

The hotel sits near one of Paris' major parks, the Bois de Vincennes; as such the property offers "doggy walks," "doggy joggs," "dogy rando" (hiking) and "doggy vélo (running next to a bike), according to the blog France Today.

This isn't the first pet hotel out there, though. Walt Disney World announced plans to open a pet hotel, Best Friends Pet Resort, last summer.