Adam Driver Drops An X-Rated Gift Idea Just In Time For The Holidays

The actor unwrapped the "shiny and beautiful" treat in a hilariously suggestive "SNL" sketch.

Adam Driver and “SNL” cast members offered a master class in dirty humor this weekend as the actor delivered a not-safe-for-work idea for a present that’s straight off the naughty list.

Chocolatier Dean Delaney (played by Driver, the show’s host) dropped by a mock shopping channel to describe an X-rated chocolate treat to viewers as ShopTV hosts Lindy (played by Heidi Gardner) and Rhett (played by Mikey Day) showcased a number of “holiday squeal deals.”

Dean, in the sketch, displayed a “deluxe chocolate Santa” before revealing what was “shiny and beautiful” behind the foil: a penis-shaped chocolate.

“We hand temper our chocolate which gives it this smooth shine here,” said the chocolatier as he put his fingers on the chocolate.

“Love that close up, Odell,” Rhett told a TV producer after a camera zoomed in on the action.

“Yeah, maybe widen out, Odell,” Lindy said.

“Maybe, you don’t have to stroke it so much,” Rhett suggested.

You can check out more of the suggestive “SNL” sketch below.

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