Artist Imagines Daydreams Of Royal Hamster And They’re The Same As Ours

Marvin can really rock a polo outfit.

This hamster's wheel fancy.

After it was revealed a few weeks ago that the royal family has a hamster named Marvin, writer and blogger Christine Frazier began creating illustrations of the pet, living out his daydreams of participating in all the fun things the British royal family gets to do, she told the Huffington Post in an e-mail.

And the illustrations, which are part of her HRH Marvin, #TheRoyalHamster blog, are as majestic as they are adorable.

Frazier's drawings feature Marvin on the cover of Vogue, a riff on Kate Middleton's cover. There's one of the little rodent ready to play polo atop a unicorn, based on the princes' recent attendance at the Audi Polo Challenge. Frazier, who's created about 15 of these Marvin drawings, said she stays up to date with the royals' fabulous activities to create the illustrations.

"My illustrations of Marvin's daydreams are based on the news that day about the royals," she wrote. "Then I try to combine that idea with objects that might surround Marvin, like a hamster wheel or a toy unicorn."

The writer, who's based near Washington, D.C., told the Huffington Post that she's long been a fan of the royal family. Her mother was particularly inspired by Princess Diana so Frazier's grown up with an admiration for the clan. Frazier also told HuffPost that she's an avid doodler so when she heard of Marvin's existence, she was inspired to explore the character.

"The idea of illustrating Marvin was too hard to resist," Frazier said. "Something about this hamster seemed both so normal and absurd!"

While she's not sure if the royal family knows about her art, she hopes they'll get a kick out of Marvin and his whimsical daydreams.

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