Adults React To Videos Of Selena Quintanilla And It's Pretty Heartbreaking

"I am seriously going to get emotional right now."

When nine adults were asked to react to old videos of Selena Quintanilla, there was no doubt about who the queen of Tejano music was.

As part of FBE’s YouTube video series of adults reacting to pop stars, a group of men and women sat down to watch music videos of Selena and discuss the star. After immediately recognizing the slain singer, most struggled to hold back tears as they watched her perform.  

“I’m fighting back tears a little bit,” one participant named Scott said in FBE’s video. 

Jonathan, who began to tear up halfway through the video, said he loved Selena even though he didn’t understand all of the lyrics.    

“I’m emotional, I told you,” he said. “I just seriously think of her and I’m just like, ‘What could’ve been?’”

Selena was murdered in 1995 at the age of 23, and she was about to release her first English-language album when she was killed. But the Mexican-American had already become a beloved figure among Latinos in the United States, especially in her native Texas. 

“If you don’t know Selena, do yourself a favor ... like this is American music history, this happened here. You need to go and listen to [her music],” said Sergio, another participant in the video.

Watch the nine adults react to Selena and discuss her sense of style, her timeless music, how she pioneered many Latino artists’ crossovers and so much more in the video above. 

These folks would definitely do “anything for Selenas!”

CORRECTION: A previous version of this post incorrectly sourced the video to EFB on YouTube. The YouTube channel is actually FBE. 



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