Algae Bloom Spreads Across Qingdao, China Beach (PHOTOS)

The Daily Mail reports that a surprise Algae bloom spreading across Qingdao, China's most popular beach hasn't deterred vacationers from enjoying their summer holiday by the sea. The paper reports that the bloom is over 70 meters wide and 100 meters long, as has dyed everything in its path "a shocking bright green."

Earlier this month, China Daily reported that the beach management department of Qingdao No 1 Beach Area filled up over 100 bags, weighing over 30 tons, with the algae, in an effort to clear the water. Meanwhile, local swimmer Zhao Xiaowei told the paper, "We have not been disturbed by the green algae. I swim here as usual."

Last year, the Baltic Sea experienced an algae bloom covering 377,000 square kilometers (larger than the size of Germany). At the time, TreeHugger reported that it was the largest bloom since 2005, and "was triggered by a lack of wind, prolonged high temperatures, and fertilizers being washed into the sea from surrounding farmland."

This month, Patch reported that a town pond in East Hampton, New York turned fluorescent green, to the bewilderment of local residents.

Check out photos from Qingdao, China:

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