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Always Late? These 6 Surprising Home Habits Might Be Holding You Back

Some people just aren't built for the mornings. Despite promises to change for the better, their earliest hours are often races against the clocks. If this sounds like how you start your day, know that there are a few things you can do to get a little more breathing space. It all starts with identifying the little things that trip up your routine. We've identified a few possible culprits for you -- and all of them have something to do with your home.

1. You never put up curtains in your bedroom.
bedroom curtains
Whether it's the glow from the street lights or an oddly bright moon, light can be a huge cause of sleep disruption. Blinds just won't cut it. Instead, try room-darkening curtains, which occasionally have the added benefit of quieting your home.

2. Your closet is a mess.
messy closet
When you can't see what you have, it'll take a long time to put an outfit together in the morning. If you really don't have a Saturday free in the near future for organizing your closet, just put together your ensemble the night before and hang it on a door. Once you can schedule a clean-out, check out these organizing hacks specifically for closets.

3. You're constantly forgetting where you put the keys.
keys on surface
Everyone has a "drop zone" where they put their bags, paperwork and other important items. This makes for challenging mornings, as you have to stop what you're doing to sort through the pile to find your bag, the RSVP you had to send out, etc. Martha Stewart, naturally, has a guide to organizing and decorating your entryway.

4. You haven't yet mastered the "auto" setting on your coffee maker.
pouring coffee
It sounds trivial, but every second counts in the morning. Half-asleep fumbling with coffee grounds isn't a good use of your time. If you've tossed your coffee maker's instruction booklet, simply search the manufacturer name and "how to program" for guidance. No auto setting? Load the grinds and add water the night before, so all you have to do is a push a button in the morning.

5. You have to navigate a pile of dishes in the sink every morning.
dishes in sink
It's a heartbreaking moment when you realize that yesterday's travel mug is still "soaking" in the sink. Dirty dishwater isn't something you should be subjected to early in the morning. Instead, get in the habit of taking care of the dishes before you go to bed. Or, at the very least, having a clean mug right by the coffeepot.

6. You've never cleaned your shower head. Ever.
Hard water can leave deposits in your shower head, which slows water flow. What should be a quick rinse ends up taking twice as long. However, a good cleaning might be all your shower head needs. Better Homes & Gardens has the step-by-step tutorial.

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