Amazon Introduces New Product Everyone Thinks Is A Joke, Confirms It's Real

Apparently it's not an April Fools' joke.

Less than 24 hours before April Fools' Day, Amazon unveiled its newest innovation to extract money from your bank account: the Amazon Dash Button.

The gadget bears the logo of your favorite brands -- Tide laundry detergent or Maxwell House coffee, for instance -- and sticks directly onto a flat surface in your home. When you run out of the corresponding product, you just push the button and a refill is dispatched to your house.

Twitter users wondered if it was a prank, but the company assured us it's not fooling around.

"Yes, it is real," an Amazon spokesperson said of the Dash Button.

A wide range of products from paper towels to cat food are available with the Dash Button. But it's only for Amazon Prime members, meaning plebs will have to stick to the crushingly slow method of opening an app on their pocket-sized miracle computer to order fresh garbage bags. (You do need a smartphone to set the device up, however, according to the Dash Button website.)

Perhaps to allay concerns that tykes could repeatedly slam on a Dash Button to send a torrent of Huggies to your front door, the device will register only the first press until the item is delivered.

Best of all, the buttons are free, presumably because they'll help you spend vast quantities of money on Amazon.

If you simply must have it, you can ask for an invitation here.

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