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You Can Get All 10 Seasons Of 'Friends' On Amazon For $50 Today

The one where Amazon makes it easy to watch "Friends" forever.

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Amazon's Deal Of The Day is "there for you."
Amazon's Deal Of The Day is "there for you."

Could the news that Netflix lost “Friends” BE any worse?

Though we were initially bummed to hear that Netflix will no longer be streaming two of its staple sitcoms — “The Office” and “Friends” — come 2020, in the immortal words of Ross Geller, we “PIVOT!”

You can continue to watch “The Office” on NBC’s new streaming service “Peacock” beginning in April, and “Friends” will join the lineup of other WarnerMedia shows on HBO Max in the spring of 2020. But if the idea of splashing out for yet another streaming service to watch the one with the leather pants and the one with all the cheesecakes makes you want to scream “OH. MY. GOD,” Amazon’s daily deal might be of interest to you.

You can get “Friends”: The Complete Series 25th Anniversary Edition box set on DVD or Blu-ray for more than half-off on Amazon today only (Sept. 23). The Blu-ray set would normally set you back $190 for all 10 seasons of “Friends,” but you can get it for just $55 right now. The DVD box set with all episodes is also on sale for $50.

Not only do these sets include all 236 episodes of “Friends,” but they have also more than 17 hours of special features including documentaries, interviews, original cuts, never-before-seen clips and more in a collectible hardcover case. In the words of Chandler Bing, “could it BE any better?”

There are exactly 100 days until the new year to binge all 10 seasons of “Friends” on Netflix, so unless you’re committed to binging more than two episodes a day, this box set is worth it. While it might be possible to cram a decade’s worth of content into three months, a cult classic like “Friends” deserves better than that.

If you’re a “Friends” fanatic and love rewatching episodes when you’re feeling nostalgic or just like keeping it on in the background while you’re cooking or unwinding after “a very long, hard day,” a box set a great buy for something you know you’ll watch time and time again.

And, though we know the holidays are still a ways off, this box set might also make a great collector’s item or holiday gift for the “Friends” fan in your life — or your very own “Lobster.”

Amazon's Deal Of The Day is "there for you."
Amazon's Deal Of The Day is "there for you."