Amazon's 'Prime Wardrobe' Service Is Bad News If You Don't Trust Your Neighbors

06/20/2017 04:06pm ET | Updated June 21, 2017

Amazon is trying to make it more enticing to order clothes from its site.

The company announced Tuesday that it’s introducing Prime Wardrobe, a new feature that will allow Prime customers to order clothes, shoes and accessories that are shipped to their house for free. The “try before you buy” concept allows people seven days to decide on the items and ship back whatever they don’t want at zero cost. Customers are only charged after they’ve decided what to keep.

There’s also an incentive to keep what you ordered. Customers who buy three or four items get 10 percent off, while customers who buy five or more items get 20 percent off.

Despite all the benefits, there is a major drawback. Amazon’s video about Prime Wardrobe tells viewers to leave their boxes of clothing on the doorstep for Amazon to pick up. But not everyone can safely leave a box of clothes on the doorstep and expect them not to be stolen (city dwellers know this all too well). And considering the package is marked “Prime Wardrobe,” it lets people know a little too much about what’s inside.

Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits had to undergo a makeover after thieves targeted her highly-recognizable labeled packaging and took products out.

Prime Wardrobe isn’t available just yet, but HuffPost reached out to the retailer to figure out just what happens if a package is stolen. A spokesperson for Amazon told us via email “Customers can contact Amazon contact customer service with any questions related to the status of their Prime Wardrobe order.”

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