These Dog Models Might Be The Best Thing About American Apparel

Who wore it better?

Say what you want about American Apparel's infamously raunchy history with models, but it's hard not to gawk at the brand's lesser known beauties.

Meet Honey.

She's fierce, confident and wants to eat a mysterious thing she found in the grass before you notice. But best of all, she knows how to wear that hoodie. Canine? Honey's more of a 10, if you ask us. Also, here's a pun about how fetching she looks.

American Apparel's line features the pets of its staffers wearing the brand's line of dog clothes designed to look exactly like its human versions -- an important formula for fool-proof selfies.

Launched in 2010, the collection features dog-sized versions of American Apparel's zippered fleece hoodies and raglan tees cut to fit around a dog's leash and butt so that she can do her daily rituals in mess-free comfort.

Looks like American Apparel is finally barking up the right tree. Now we need a line from Bone-ana Re-Puglic, Abercrombie & Fetch, Old Navy Yeller, Pawllister, Topman's Best Friend and Ted Barker.

American Apparel
Honey wears the Purple Flex Fleece Dog Zip Hoodie ($28).
American Apparel
Frida wears the Black Baby Rib Dog T ($5).
American Apparel
Bootsy wears the Gold & Baby Blue Baby Rib Dog T ($10).
American Apparel
American Apparel
American Apparel
Rocky wears the Red Flex Fleece Dog Zip Hoodie ($28).
American Apparel