An Open Letter to Amal and George Clooney: Syria's Monument's Men


A picture of me at Palmyra 10 years ago. Happier times.

Dear Amal and George,

This is an open letter (obviously as it is on the Huffington Post).

I have to inform you Amal, for pure disclosure reasons, I too could have been George's wife. Alas, I am also Druze.

But I'm very happy it's you, because you have an incredible intellectual pedigree that I urge you to help me with.

I was made in Syria, born in Australia. My heart aches as I watch a country I have spent so much time in disintegrate into rubble and destruction.

I am frustrated by my voice's inability to amplify and stop this horror.

I am irrationally fearful of the fate of Palmyra and what its potential loss could be to civiliasations to come.

I am terrified by ISIS's advances into southern Syria where the Druze reside.

I'm not going to go on and on: the facts are clear.

But I need you Amal to help me bring attention to the ruins of Palmyra.

It's not a court battle. It's a civilisation battle.

Can you please help me in raising the profile of Syria to our world leaders so they do not continue to tacitly accept its current fate?

Even if it's just wearing a t-shirt that says:


That will hopefully galvanise attention.

And to you George, this is the real life Monuments Men moment. Don't re-enact history. Make it.

Darfur needs your help, but so does Syria.

Please help us say enough is enough and demand an end to the destruction.

Best wishes,