Anderson Cooper Shuts Down The White House's Terrorism List In Just 45 Seconds

"I was there."

Anderson Cooper disproved the White House’s list of terrorist attacks it claimed the media underreported in the simplest way possible: By showing clips of his own coverage of those attacks.

“Not only did we cover many of attacks the White House released, we covered them heavily,” he said Monday night on “Anderson Cooper 360.” “I know because I was there on the ground reporting a number of them. ‘360’ was in Ottawa, Canada, October of 2014, [and] that’s on the list.”

Also on the manifesto was the 2015 mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, the 2015 terror attack in Paris, France, and the 2016 assault on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. All three of those stories, and many others on the list, dominated the news cycle for weeks. The Orlando incident even made news a few weeks ago after the widow of the attacker, Omar Mateen, was arrested over allegations of obstruction of justice, among other charges.

The list includes dozens of attacks that received extensive media coverage, some that authorities have said don’t appear to be connected to terrorism at all, and several that resulted in no deaths.

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