Android 2.0 Release: Google Unveils Its New Platform, Get Details HERE (VIDEO)

Android 2.0 Release: Google Unveils Its New Platform, Get Details HERE (VIDEO)

Google has officially unveiled the features of its new, highly-anticipated operating system: Android 2.0 (codename "Eclair").

Check out the video below for details on what to expect in the new platform.

InformationWeek calls Android 2.0 "droolworthy."

Gizmodo says, "it's the Android we've been waiting for:"

Seriously, there's all kinds of improvements: Searchable SMS, Exchange support, more in-depth camera controls, a better keyboard with full multitouch, a revamped browser with a better UI and HTML5 support, and it goes on.

Here's a quick overview of some of the new features included in Android 2.0, from InformationWeek:

* Support for multiple Google and Exchange accounts
* Third-party "sync adapters" allow apps to tie in to the phone's sync services
* Quick contact menus for fast access to specific key pieces of contact information
* Unified email inbox
* SMS and MMS search
* Text message auto-delete after a user-defined thread size is reached
* Significantly improved camera controls with white balance, macro, effects, and more
* Improved keyboard layout, dictionary, and algorithm based on multi-touch support
* Double-tap zoom in browser, support for HTML5
* Bluetooth 2.1 support with addition of OPP and PBAP profiles
* "Better" graphics hardware acceleration

Follow people's reactions to the Android 2.0 news on the live Twitter feed below. Check out screenshots of Android 2.0 here.

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