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'Just Kids' comes complete with parental controls.
The Russian Orthodox Church's Patriarch Kirill claims the Antichrist is someone who will control humanity through the internet.
I want you to have a face for those you have represented and now are charged to protect.
The ultimate digital disruption is coming. I am not advocating that AI will replace human jobs but rather that it could happen
With a limited track record in revenue generation, an audience that skews young, and a heavy reliance on mobile ad revenue, is the optimism around Snap warranted?
Key drivers of growth for wearables include: falling price points, improved UI's, consumer accountability for the cost and
I'm Fred Raillard, Creative CEO, Co-founder and Creative Chief Officer with Farid Mokart of FRED & FARID, an independent
Enterprise 4.0 is the next evolution of business. If you consider that there have been four stages of business where innovation
Chart 1: Operating System Share of Mobile Phone Activations Chart 2: Brand Share of Mobile Phone Activations Consumer Intelligence
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On 9 January, Tencent launched its new offensive in the mobile app market: WeChat mini-programs. This launch is seen as a
It’s a great time to break free from the tyranny of your mobile operating system. But which one? For Seshu Kiran, it meant
The Chinese Millennials have been incredibly touched by this message. We found some comments such as: "People forget with
Millennials are immune to traditional advertising. They can see right through it, so you need to get creative to get on their
As one citizen put it, “Poor tree. Killed for a ridiculous purpose.”
Reality Hacking is behind the British people being influenced to vote for Brexit. The tricked out algo's, the software bots
Adding visuals to a post can actually boost retweets by 35%, and it's easy to make amazing pictures using Canva. Although
But although early engagement looks promising, whether or not live-streaming will translate into real profits remains to