Angry Eagle 'Punches' Drone Right Out Of The Sky

"This is the last thing a small bird sees when a wedge-tailed eagle decides that you are dinner."

Add eagles to the list of things that don't like drones.

An Australian drone operator found that out the hard way when a wedge-tailed eagle "punched" his high-tech toy right out of the sky.

"This is the last thing a small bird sees when a Wedge-Tailed Eagle decides that you are dinner," Adam Lancaster, the drone operator who posts videos under the name Melbourne Aerial Video, wrote in the YouTube description.

He said his main concern wasn't for his damaged equipment, but the bird.

Fortunately, it did not appear to be harmed.

"Eagle was fine -- she was massive, and used talons to 'punch' the drone out of the sky," wrote Lancaster. "Hung around overhead so I got a really good look."

He also posted a slow-motion version:

"Do not fly drones near birds of prey, they clearly attack seeing you as a threat or the right sized dinner," Lancaster wrote. "This will cost you money and potentially harm to the bird. This one was fine.. the drone needed some attention before it could fly again."

He also said he added a new rule to his operating procedures as a result of the run-in.

"If you see a bird of prey while flying. Land," he concluded.

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