Anthony Jeselnik Talks Jon Lovitz's Obama Rant, Roasting Trump & Being 'Too Soon' (NSFW VIDEO)

Warning: This video uses some very NSFW language.

Anthony Jeselnik is wrong. That's a phrase you're most likely to hear after leaving one of his stand-up shows, which have recently begun selling out thanks to the caustic, "oh, he went there"-inducing barbs he delivered on the Comedy Central Roasts of Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen.

He's also carved out one of the most unique voices on Twitter with his account, chiming in with a joke about a tragic event or dead celebrity almost instantaneously. (As soon as Dick Clark passed away, he tweeted: "I just found out the other half of Dick Clark died.")

We caught up with Jeselnik in New York City, where he'll be performing at Caroline's in Times Square this weekend. Anthony told us a few jokes that got cut from the Comedy Central Roasts, the first time he remembered getting a visceral reaction from one of his jokes that may have crossed the line, and what he really thinks of Jon Lovitz for his comments about President Obama.

Jeselnik will be at Caroline's On Broadway from Thursday, April 26 through Sunday, April 30. Tickets are available here. Be sure to check out his tour dates on his website, as he'll be performing in Dallas, Columbus and Irvine over the next few weeks.