Anthony Weiner Says Carlos Danger Was A 'Joke' (VIDEO)

Anthony Weiner was asked about his widely ridiculed sexting nom de plume 'Carlos Danger' when he appeared on Univision Thursday morning. (The interaction comes at the 10 minute mark above.)

Interviewer: You picked the pseudonym 'Carlos Danger' to hold these conversations of sexual content online. Why did you pick a Hispanic name and how dangerous were you really?

Weiner: It was a joke in my personal life between me and one person. I'm not going to comment on anything about the information that that person has chosen to release. They can do whatever they want, try to harm me in any way that they want. I'm moving forward.

The embattled mayoral candidate has been criticized for picking a Hispanic name to engage in explicit sex chats online. One of his rivals, Rev. Erick Salgado, earlier called on him to apologize to the Latino community. “For Anthony Weiner to hide under a Spanish name to do his bad behavior is very insulting to the Spanish community,” he said.

Weiner has dropped to fourth place in the race for mayor, according to one recent poll.



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