What To Buy During Anthropologie’s Holiday Home Sale

Pile your cart high with candles, decor, blankets and more during Anthropologie’s huge Black Friday sale on home goods.
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Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are days away, tons of stores and retailers have already been offering major discounts across multiple categories, including kitchen appliances, beauty, shoes and furniture. But if you’re looking to cross of gifts for multiple people on your list this year, Anthropologie’s Cyber Week sales are where you should turn your attention, starting with the holiday home sale.

Now through Nov. 28, you can get 30% off thousands of home items, including pillows, candles, glassware, rugs and the cult-favorite Sophie faux fur blanket. You’ll see the discounted prices when you add the items to your cart.

It’s not only the perfect sale to stock up on festive home decor items for your own dwelling, but also to gather gifts for your loved ones who take their home aesthetic seriously.

That’s not the only sale that Anthropologie will be running during Black Friday. The retailer has already kicked off a 30% off mostly-sitewide discount for AnthroPerks members. (You can join this elite club by signing up — for free — on Anthro’s website.) This markdown will be available to the entire internet starting Wednesday, November 23.

Below, we rounded up some of our favorite bestsellers from Anthropologie’s home section, but you can also go ahead and shop the entire sale.

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Sophie faux fur throw blanket
With over 500 reviews and an overall rating of 4.8 stars on Anthropologie, this cult-favorite throw blanket is the perfect winter accessory to cozy up with. It's ultra-soft and comes in multiple colors, including ivory, terracotta, brown, dusty rose and light gray.
A 4-piece set of glazed latte bowls
Whether you want to add a splash of color to your own kitchen or are in need of a gift for a loved one who loves to cook, this set of glazed earthenware bowls is the way to go. Get the set in dark turquoise, tan, green or mauve.
Merida towels
Brighten up a bathroom with the Merida towel collection, which includes cotton hand and bath towels. Choose from black and white or yellow and pink.
Holiday in the City mug
Ring in the festive holiday season with these detailed holiday mugs, which feature designs of San Francisco, New York, Paris and London. Each mug is sold separately.
Capri Blue winter jar candle
Anthropologie's candle selection is massive and it includes this winter-inspired candle. It has notes like smoky cedarwood, pine needles, vanilla and raspberry.
A 4-piece coupe glass set
You can never go wrong with gifting fancy glassware. This set comes with four coupe glasses and is available in clear, pink, mint green, blue and orange.
Amber Lewis for Anthropologie Persian rug
Designed by interior designer Amber Lewis, this Persian rug-inspired home decor piece was exclusively made for Anthropologie. It comes in a neutral and green style and in multiple sizes.
Chloe decanter
This colorful mouth-blown glass decanter is perfect for storing and pouring wine and other beverages. It comes in yellow and pink.
Sophie faux fur pillow
Like the Sophie faux fur blanket, this soft 18-inch pillow comes in multiple colors, including ivory, citrine, dusty rose and teal.
Emily Maude 12 days of Christmas dessert plate
Serve your pretty pastries on these equally gorgeous dessert plates, which feature various holiday designs by Emily Maude. Each plate is sold separately.
Pura x Anthropologie diffuser kit
Enjoy the scent of fig tree and and freshly cut evergreen, citrus, white cranberry and sugared plums with this collaborative kit by Pura and Anthropologie. It includes one Pura diffuser and two Anthropologie fragrance vials.
A holly and pear pie dish
If homemade pie on the holiday menu this year or you're looking for a gift for your baking loved one, this decorative pie dish is a chic choice. It measures 12.5 inches by 10.5 inches.
Gleaming Primrose mirror
Add this statement mirror to your bedroom or living room for a touch of modern elegance. It comes in gold, black, silver and verdegris frame colors and multiple glass sizes.
A handmade escamada candle
This uniquely designed escamada candle was handcrafted by artisans in Mexico City and comes in multiple colors, sizes and styles. Each is made of a beeswax blend.
Matilda Goad & Co. bar cart
This versatile bar cart is made of strong iron and natural wood and is ideal for storing beverages, snacks and more. It comes in red and yellow.

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