Apple: The King Of Movie Product Placements

Apple appeared in more box office hits than any other brand--but it's a mixed victory.

Apple products appeared in 30 percent of 2010's number one movies, according to brandchannel. That put it far ahead of second place brands Nike, Chevrolet and Ford, which each appeared in 24 percent of those movies.

Over the past decade--from 2001 to 2010--Apple ranks number two as far as product placements go, its products having appeared in 112 of the number one movies of the period. Ford, with 144 placements, beats them out.

But even though 30 percent gets them the number one slot for 2010, it's a big decline from 2009, when Apple appeared in 44 percent of number one films. Apple has slid from its peak in 2008, where Apple appeared in literally half of all the year's number one films.

See brandchannel's graph of Apple's history of movie placements below: