Show Us Your Rally Signs In Action At The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear!

You already showed us the hundreds of amazing signs you can make on your computers, and now we're asking those of you attending Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear to show us your signs in action!

We're going to compile all the funniest signs from the rally in a slideshow and want YOU to email us your best shots or share them on twitter using the hashtag #rally4sanity. Once the slideshow is up you'll also be able to upload your own photos directly to the slideshow.

And don't forget - it is "Halloweekend" so if you wear an awesome costume to the rally, take a photo and send that to us as well!

We'll also be live tweeting the rally from the HuffPost Comedy Twitter page starting with the ride down on the HuffPost Sanity Bus and going throughout the event. There is already some buzz about what comedians, pundits, political figures and musicians (Sheryl Crow?) may show up, so don't miss all the coverage Saturday to see what happens. You can also watch the rally as it airs on Comedy Central or streaming on their website.