As Told in Selfies: The 2014 Teen Choice Awards

This past Sunday, August 10, I got to spend the day with some pretty amazing people -- teens and adults alike -- talking about overalls, fangirling and The Teenage Experience. So now I present for you my afternoon at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards in selfies, one-liners and a handful of live-tweets.


"The best part of being a teenager is learning about yourself and what you love." -- The Band Perry


"I'm not going to tell you about the finale [of 'The Fosters'] because you seem like someone who really likes surprises and people like you are really important. But trust me, it's going DOWN." -- Cierra Ramirez, "The Fosters"


Me: "Oh my gosh I'm so excited to meet you. 'Little Manhattan' was my favorite movie."
Josh (Hutcherson!!!): "Really? No one remembers that I made that, but it's my favorite too."


"iPad selfies? You're pretty serious about this, huh?" -- Lea Michele, "Glee" (like you didn't know)

"Asdfghjklifajdffamdjn." -- Me


"My advice for life: you do you, and I'll do me." -- Zendaya


"I don't know who A is." -- Lucy Hale, "Pretty Little Liars"


Me: "You know, you followed me on Twitter one time for six months."
Charlie: "Oh gosh did I -- hold on, let me fix it."
Nolan: "She called you on it."
Charlie: "What am I doing? Found you. Can I get a T-shirt saying I'm your 1,160th follower?"
-- Charlie Rowe and Nolan Sotillo, "Red Band Society" (@charlie_rowe + @Nolan_sotillo)


"You again?" -- Charlie Rowe



"My best memory from filming "Mockingjay Part" was probably the the last day. Everyone was just so emotional and happy. I feel like I, out of any of the cast, except maybe Jen, have really grown up doing this. It's such a big part of me now." -- Willow Shields, "The Hunger Games"


"ONE PHOTO." -- Publicist
"It needs to look GOOD, though." -- Sarah Hyland, "Modern Family," co-host of the Awards


"We're SO cute." -- Anthony Quintal a.k.a. LOHANTHONY



"It's ['Red Band Society'] not about the hospital. It's about being a teenager, and living your life, which is an experience everyone has, no matter where you are." -- Ciara Bravo, Nolan Sotillo, and Charlie Rowe


"I'm sort of pro at this. Let's do it." -- Rebecca Black, Selfie Pro


Me: "I remember getting to stay up late until like 8:30 to watch the first episode of 'Hannah Montana.'"
Emily: "I wish all parents were that cool."

"Food is sexy." -- Emily Osment, Young and Hungry


"My favorite part of filming ["Wish I Was Here"] was the sheer creativity that went into everything. And the wigs. The wigs were the real MVP." -- Joey King, "Wish I Was Here"


Calum Worthy ("Austin and Ally"): "I actually went to like seven proms, because I was always the second choice date."
Me: "I feel like you might be first choice now. You should call them all and ask."


"We took a selfie. We're basically friends now. " -- Sam Potteroff, O2L


"Foolproof fastest way to make a mess: have a bunch of dudes live in a house together. Bingo." -- O2L


"I write all of my own music, so it's like this big piece of me I'm sharing. It can be a bit scary, but I feel like that is what real music is supposed to be." -- Debby Ryan, "The Never Ending"


"Prom is supposed to be this like big rite of passage thing, but I think it should be more about having fun, you know?" -- Laura Marano, "Austin and Ally"


"If I'd known you'd be here, I would have worn my overalls. Next time, let's match." -- Alli Simpson


*Looks cool for a second, then knocks over speaker with surfboard* -- Me


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