This Past Sunday, the 18th of August, I stepped out of my air conditioning and onto the blue astro-turf carpet at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards. I expected to melt, take selfies, and learn something new about our favorite celebrities. All three of these things happened.
Be excited, "Arrested Development" and "Full House" fans!
This past Sunday, August 10, I got to spend the day with some pretty amazing people -- teens and adults alike -- talking about overalls, fangirling and The Teenage Experience.
As I continue contemplating the dizzying number of shows that I previewed at both, I find that one of the few that I continue to think about on an ongoing basis and one of the very few that I cannot wait to see is Syfy's Ascension.
The TCA win for Outstanding Reality Series solidifies the fact that RuPaul's Drag Race is a key player in the reality TV genre. I believe this will put it in a new stratosphere and help it reach a larger audience, as well as gain more recognition from the television industry.
The good news is that Heller and his writers, who have to run major story ideas past the DC Comics' brain trust, aren't hemmed
Sure, it's great to catch reruns of "South Park" on Comedy Central. But what if you could watch any of its 247 episodes whenever
Gillian Vigman's role was recast. In the pilot, Vigman played Tammy, the ex-girlfriend of Sarah (Landecker). Soloway said
Cumberbatch also addressed the nonexistent rivalry between the two actors playing the same detective, "No matter what bulls