Astrology and Beyond: What's In A Scorpio Sandwich?

Astrology and Beyond: What's In A Scorpio Sandwich?
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Dear Phyllis,

I am an Aries married to a Scorpio*. We are very happy and been together 13 years. We had a surprise pregnancy this year and are expecting a baby boy during Scorpio this year. As much as I love my husband, we are very different people -- as are our signs. How does our combination work with our new baby? Am I just going to be the odd one out between my two Scorpios?

--Aries in a Scorpio Sandwich

Dear Aries,

I had to laugh when I read your letter - Aries have a strong "growth aspect" this 2008 - apparently your growth is quite literal! Congratulations on your coming baby.

What will life be like as an Aries sandwiched between a Scorpio husband and Scorpio son? Amazing. Remarkable things can spring from your unique chemistries.

But since Scorpio is one sign that keeps Aries on their toes (and visa versa!) life won't always be super comfortable. Scorpios and Aries don't coddle one another as much as challenge each other. Your differences can really feel like sandpaper sometimes. But they can also enhance your respective powers like no other sign can.

Surely your husband and son's Scorpio simpatico will occasionally gang up on your Aries style.

For example, their deep emotional nature might expect that you should be deeper. Scorpios typically dive to the "low low" feelings of life and experience them as much as the "high highs". They might interpret your Aries' desire to quickly snap out of "downer" feelings as you being superficial.

If that happens, let your Scorpios know that you don't gain value from feeling rotten. Tell them that you choose to lift yourself as a way of taking care of yourself. For Aries, being positive doesn't mean lack of depth or feeling.

But don't try to rush Scorpio out of their low lows. Scorpios can explore darker feelings to the point of despair. Then, when they hit bottom they rise up refreshed and renewed. You'll have to trust their process.

Your Scorpios might also think you should be more worried about hidden implications of things. Let them know you don't enjoy being suspicious or concerned about what might be wrong. But understand they do.

Importantly, your Scorpio husband and son might want you to be more emotionally available. Or to show your availability different than you do. They might not understand how you show concern with action, not with emotional fussing. Revealing your feelings, including your raw vulnerabilities to Scorpios helps them feel closer to you.

Finally, if Scorpio accuses you of being selfish, (ouch!) remind them that when you take care of yourself you become so fulfilled you overflow with giving. That's how you are wired. No need to feel guilty about that.

Accepting differences helps everyone respect each other. Knowing you are born to express a certain way (astrological education really helps in this) keeps the "do things my way" control expectations to a minimum.

Is there anything important astrologically going on this week?

Yes! For one thing, Mercury goes direct on the 14th. Recent communication problems and agreement interruptions can begin to sort out. It'll be easier to make and implement decisions after that. Hidden problems and/or issues that have been compromising your progress can be revealed as well.

The Full Moon on the 15th can bring important matters to a head, including ones involving relationships. Good alliances can take significant steps around then. Deadbeat connections can go caput.

Another, long-term constellation is forming that signals big structural changes on the global level (governments, economic systems, etc.).

Much of what we have known and "taken for granted" is changing now. Many will experience this financially. Some will experience it in their relationships, others in their careers. Most everyone will find something shifts in their lives over the coming 16 months that forces some type of evolution in their lifestyle.

Although this aspect certainly threatens the status-quo, it can also help us integrate new ideas and circumstances for an even better life. In fact, these changes could lead to downright enlightened thinking and living, if we allow it.

A similar type of aspect formed in 1966. If you can remember the changes that happened on the global, human rights and personal consciousness scene you might see how greater liberation can come from this upheaval.

Being willing to let go is the best way to navigate this astrological aspect. You might need to release surprising things, like attitudes, assumptions, and beliefs. Matters could turn out very differently than you think they could or should.

Real good can come into your life and into this world as a result of these current shakeups. Look around for that.

*Aries are born March 21st-April 19th.
Scorpios are born Oct. 23rd-Nov. 22nd.


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