Asylum Time-Lapse Shows Maryland's Creepy Side (VIDEO)

When we last checked in with Andrew Geraci, we picked up on his awesome time-lapse of Washington, D.C. at night. His latest piece is also dark, but in a different way. "Asylum" takes a chilling look at an abandoned mental institution -- not far from those D.C. streets.

"These buildings stand as a testament to the horrors and mistreatment that patients had to endure during the time of its operation," Geraci said on his Vimeo site.

The 1920s asylum is located about 15 minutes outside the District, on the Maryland side of the river, he tells HuffPost Travel in an email. But Geraci won't divulge its exact location to "maintain its integrity."

To that end, Geraci noted that it was important to set up his film gear without disturbing the environment and to portray the area exactly as the crew found it.

"It was incredibly fascinating to explore the post-apocalyptic setting, as you basically get a chance to see time stand still, as it was when the facility closed decades ago," Geraci continued. "Seeing all of the personal memorabilia still intact and as it was can be chilling. We found log books dating back to the '40s, dolls, roller skates and even a drilling machine that was attached to a patients chair. It was bizarre to say the least."

Check out Geraci's video above.