Aubrey Plaza On 'Conan' Shares Invaluable Sharon Stone Advice (VIDEO)

Lovable "Parks And Recreation" curmudgeon Aubrey Plaza has been doing the late night circuit before season four premieres on Sept. 22, first stopping by "The Late Show" last week and paying Conan a visit on Tuesday night.

Plaza may be pretty new on the Hollywood scene but she's already seen her fair share of glitz and glamour. In this snippet from the interview she talks about her upcoming trip to the Emmys and the invaluable red carpet advice passed on to her by Sharon Stone (yes, THE Sharon Stone).

"She kind of called me out on my own sh*t," Aubrey says, explaining how Stone sort of took her under her wing on her first red carpet. Let's just say Plaza's not-so-smiley attitude and tendency to play with her hair were seen as red flags by the legendary actress.

Oh, and there's a bonus hilarious Andy moment at the end of the video. Enjoy!


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