'Babes At The Museum:' A Style Blog For Art Enthusiasts (PHOTOS)

You can never go to a museum on laundry day again. Babe-hunting blog 'Babes At The Museum' has finally combined the two eye-catching treats one often finds in a museum: stunning art and stylish babes.

Founded by Xavier Aaronson, the website delivers on the promise by featuring pics, sometimes candid and sometimes posed, of culturally attuned beauties who are admiring an artwork in a gallery or museum setting. While many style blogs scrounge the hottest party scenes for the most outlandishly dressed fashionistas, this site goes for babes with a more understated sartorial taste. Juxtaposed with the gallery's popping artworks in the background, the ladies' outfits look like thoughtful feats of curation all on their own.

Are museums the ideal place to pick up chicks? If these photos are to be believed, then yes. Despite the fact that museum banter can be so awkward (the echoes!), we think it's worth a shot. Check out a selection of some babes below, and then why not go out and find some in person? Maybe you'll even see some art on the way.

Babes At The Museum