Gallery and exhibition spaces are no longer held within the confines of a room with four white walls. As real estate prices
A tea house proprietor talks multiculturalism in light of the RNC.
Marc Fichou is a French-born, L.A. based artist who consciously defies categorization. This playful defiance makes Fichou a free spirit in the art world who refuses to be limited by restrictive definitions of what it means to be an artist.
There's this photo I saw from 1919 of dead whale that washed up on a beach. There's like a dozen people standing on top of
His ceramics, in the shape of the derriere, represent both literal and figurative styles of decadence. They are sexual in
Cunningham's work draws inspiration from the furtive strokes of Abstract Expressionism and is characterized by classical
The John Szoke Gallery specializes in works on paper by two monumental artists - Pablo Picasso and Edvard Munch. What's special
Acacia Art Gallery PULSE New York Acacia Art Gallery will be showcasing the works of contemporary Cuban artist, Ciro Quintana
However, as times change and minds open, there is a relentless, evolving effort to reconcile the dissimilarities of identity
Boesky East will be presenting an exhibition by Dutch artist Jacco Olivier. This is Olivier’s fourth solo show with the gallery