Baby Elephant Saved By Herd After Getting Caught In River (VIDEO)

In this incredible footage, captured by Kicheche Laikipia with Sandy Gelderman on a safari in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, a herd of elephants is spotted crossing the rushing Ewaso Nyiro river. The strong adults are able to power through the current, but a little calf endured a serious struggle.

"With the river deep, mountain high banks are never easy for adults, let alone a six-month-old calf, so being washed away in the current was a very real possibility," says Kicheche in the video description.

Fortunately for the baby, the herd was keeping close watch.

When things started to go wrong, a larger elephant came to the rescue to help push the calf toward the shore. Soon after, another elephant, identified as the mother, noticed the distressed calf and swooped in to lend a helping trunk as well.

The rescue is full of suspense, but luckily has a happy ending. It shows just how powerful family bonds are in the animal kingdom, and especially among elephants.

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