Animal rights groups criticized the incident in Butte, saying it put the pachyderm and the public at risk.
The animal was given to the Philippines in 1980 by the Sri Lankan government. She spent most of her life alone in captivity.
“We are absolutely devastated," said the zoo's director.
The wildlife encounter played out like slapstick, with the perfect ending.
The massive mammals are being tranquilized and transported from Malawi’s Liwonde National Park to the much larger Kasungu park.
An effort to free the elephant thought to be illegally confined in the Bronx Zoo was rejected by New York’s top court.
Some advocates say Happy the elephant should be legally considered a person, and freed from the Bronx Zoo, where she has spent the last 45 years.
The elephant mother has "managed to keep her babies alive against all odds and through a fierce drought."
A swarm of hyenas and vultures discovered why it's best not to mess with the king's meal in South Africa.
It isn't easy for an elephant to raise twins, but researchers are hopeful one mother named Bora can do it.