See The Adorable Way These Baby Sloths Are Learning To Climb

The orphans scale rocking chairs that mimic the gentle swaying of tree branches.

These orphaned baby sloths are learning how to climb in the most adorable way.

Without parents to teach them how to dangle from trees, they use a rocking chair to get used to the similarly gentle swaying motion of branches.

The unbelievably cute critters were recovering at the Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica, where British zoologist and photographer Lucy Cooke met them in May.

Her captivating video, released Thursday, shows the usually sleepy animals scaling and swinging on the back and arms of the wooden chair.

CREDIT: Barcroft TV

Cooke, who runs the Sloth Appreciation Society, recently published a calendar dedicated to the animals.

She said humans could learn a thing or two from the slow-paced creatures, who nap for up to 20 hours every day and hang upside down because their organs are fixed to their ribcage.

"We'd all like to spend more time resting and snoozing, so the sloth is a strangely aspirational animal -- we could all do with slowing down, it would be better for us and the planet," she told the Mirror.

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