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Have You Or Your Child Been In A School With A Restrictive Bathroom Policy?

We want to hear your story.

HuffPost readers had a lot to say about a story we wrote on a charter school bathroom policy that was so strict, menstruating students were bleeding through their clothing for want for a bathroom break.

Noble Network of Charter Schools, which has 18 campuses serving 12,000 students in the Chicago area, requires students to be escorted to the bathroom during class time. One student told NPR Illinois that often escorts don’t show up and young women risk bleeding through their clothing as a result.

Many readers recounted similar stories of schools with restrictive bathroom policies. Some people recalled fighting with school administration after their children repeatedly contracted urinary tract infections, and students told of being denied simple trips to the toilet.

Have you or has your child been in a school with a restrictive bathroom policy? We want to hear your story.

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