If you have a runny nose, itchy eyes, dizziness or other issues near that time of the month, this is for you.
Only 15 states and Washington, D.C., have passed legislation to provide students with free access to menstrual products in schools.
Rep. Stan McClain's (R) admitted that his bill would limit girls from talking about their periods, although he clarified that was not the intent.
Showrunner Craig Mazin told Vulture he was inspired to add period products to the HBO series due to an experience he had during the COVID pandemic.
Be it your period, incontinence, postpartum needs or just a desire to feel dry, these leakproof undies are here to help.
The symptoms can be constant and intense — but many people with the condition struggle to get their pain taken seriously.
It's true: Certain foods can fight inflammation and hormone buildup, and help alleviate painful periods.
Menstrual discs, a good old fashioned towel, special panties and more can make intimacy while menstruating less messy and more fun.
These heating pads, TENS devices, pain medications, oral supplements and more all come recommended by doctors.
Options for menstrual hygiene have come a long way from the bulky pads that many of us remember using when we first got our periods.