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Bella Hadid Gave The Most Awkward Interview And Twitter Noticed


“If homeboy is coming through with these, it’s quiet for him... but if he comes through in like, these... homeboy is gonna, like, get it,” is not something people generally expect Bella Hadid to say. But boy, did she say it.

The 21-year-old model was roasted on Twitter after a cringe-worthy interview with Complex about her shoe-shopping habits and preferences. The viral video, which was shot at Kith in New York City, features Hadid saying “dope” and “homeboy” countless times.

It’s also filled with phrases like, “they better be fresh” and “he’s such a real one” and “she does her sh*t, I do mine, I got these and she got Reeboks.”

Twitter users took notice, to say the least:

And users began spoofing what kinds of shoes “homeboy” could “get it” in:

Hadid hasn’t formally responded to the reactions to her Complex video, though it seems like she made a reference to the response on her Instagram story Monday.

The model posted a photo of her friend and wrote, “only @jessejostark ‘can get it.’”