Ben Stiller Was Hashtag The Panda This Whole Time?

Well played, Ben Stiller. We almost believed you.

For the last few months, Hashtag the Panda has been delighting us with his random appearances on "The Tonight Show," but until now, the man behind the fuzzy ears had never been revealed.

And then last night, Jimmy Fallon decided to take pity on the poor, exhausted guy in the suit and had him remove the mask, revealing actor/director Stiller as the jumping, dancing bear we've all come to love. Stiller explained that he was just trying to get some attention for the new season of his web series, "Next Time On Lonny," and he was hoping that this whole panda deal could be he and Jimmy's "thing."

Unfortunately, we simply must call shenanigans, because below is photographic proof of Fallon writer John W. Haskell wearing the Hashtag costume back in April.

Conclusion: We'll never know for sure who the real Hashtag is... and we like it that way.



Jimmy Fallon!