Best Science Museums In The U.S., As Ranked By American MENSA (SLIDESHOW)

With summer in full swing, the season offers vacationers the opportunity to explore and engage with the wonders of science. But where are the best science museums to visit for some geeky fun?

The American MENSA, an organization of people who have IQ scores that rank in the top 2 percent, posed this question to a select group of its brainy members who are educators and scientists. In response, those members ranked the top 10 science museums in the U.S.

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10 Best U.S. Science Museums

"Our nation's science museums are a treasure for families looking for ways to keep bright minds active all year round," Lisa Van Gemert, American MENSA's gifted youth specialist, said in a written statement.

Interactive exhibits, hands-on learning, and exhibit variety were important factors that placed museums near the top, according to MENSA members.

Of course, the Mensa’s rankings only represent the viewpoint of one organization, so if you feel your favorite museum has been overlooked, stand up for it in the comments below.