Tracker Boone Smith Gets Face-To-Face With Lions In New Feature About Big Cats

Big Cat Week is almost here!

Nat Geo WILD's fifth annual tribute to the world's great cats will premier next month. The initiative, part of a broader commitment from National Geographic "to stop poaching, save habitat and sound the call" for conservation, kicks off with a new project called 'Man v. Lion.' The feature follows tracker Boone Smith as he studies three male lions on the hunt in South Africa's Nambiti Game Reserve, before he finally locks himself inside an acrylic box to get up close and personal with the predators.

Other features include 'Leopard: Ultimate Surivivor,' 'Future Cat,' and 'Tiger's Revenge,' as well as a rescreening of last year's documentary Game of Lions.

Take a look at a clip from 'Man v. Lion' above, and tune in on Nov. 28 for the start of Big Cat Week -- you can find a full lineup here. If you'd like to find out how you can help the great cats, check out Nat Geo's Big Cats Initiative.



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