Bill Maher Sounds Off On Chris Christie

Bill Maher panned New Jersey governor Chris Christie for vetoing the state's gay marriage bill on Friday.

"It's my home state so I take these things a a little personally," he said. "When somebody from New Jersey does something that I consider sort of backwards, and I consider this backwards on the part of the governor, it bothers me."

Real Time With Bill Maher guest Eliot Spitzer said the move was typical of Christie. "He panders to the very conservative on pronouncements on all sorts of issues. He's just wrong on the fundamentals."

Maher, who said he'd prefer Obama run against Rick Santorum than Christie, asked the panelists if they thought the New Jersey governor could be the savior of the Republican party.

Spitzer dissented. "I don't think Chris Christie withstands the scrutiny," he said.

The panelists also discussed why Obama is the worst pot president, how to increase voter turnout and their thoughts on Obama's recently released budget.

Watch the clip above.