Ahol's Biscayne World Represents Miami

Alouishous San Gomma aka Ahol Sniffs Glue aka David aka that Hialeah dude who paints those weird eyeballs aka Ahol. Yo. Real talk. Ahol's the man.

And it ain't because of his swagger or authenticity or dedication to Miami..

Sure, he effortlessly bridges a fine-line between fringe and high-brow Miami.

But that ain't why he's the man.

No question, he keeps it real and works hard and knows how to have fun.

But that ain't it either.

What makes this dude special, at least to me, are his family values.

There are few people in this city you can have an extended conversation with about family and stepping up in rough times and sacrificing yourself without expectations, all while making no excuses and juggling mad busy shit and tasks and gigs all at the same time, all while maintaining a fuck-it-we-only-live-once-attitude that is somehow exclusive and inclusive at the same time.

He makes you feel like you're family.

Biscayne World is Ahol's short movie that he made in late 2014 with Borscht.

It's live now on Vimeo.

It's about him riding the bus and basically finding inspiration in the streets.

It's his baby, filled with his family, his little Biscayne characters, which is our family, which is the real Miami. Not that nip-and-tuck high-end faute look away fake Miami.

It's dat dirty Miami. Dale.

And here is Biscayne World forever online if you want to see it.

It's a small piece of Miami history.

Created, Illustrated by: Alouishous San Gomma
Direction, Editing, Sound, Photography, and Animations: Michael Arcos
Direction, Animations, Photography, Sets, and Editing: Marnie Ellen
Other Animations by: Melissa Tamporello and Arthur Baute
Go Pro Bro: Julian Yuri Rodriguez
Executive Producers: Lucas Leyva and Jillian Mayer
Biscayne + Accident Still Photos by: Sexton Garcia
Production Assistants: Jaanelle Pichaco, Valy Echeverry
Special Thanks: Danielle Bender and Notorious Nastie
Original Song "Biscayne Block" by Otto von Schirach

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