Blake Griffin Dunk Over Kendrick Perkins Recalls His Slam Over Timofey Mozgov (VIDEO)

Blake Griffin did it again. In fact, he somehow did it fiercer, stronger and with less mercy. During the third quarter of the Clippers-Thunder game on Monday night, reigning NBA Slam Dunk champion Blake Griffin rose up and Mozgov'd Kendrick Perkins.

Griffin's powerful slam over the surly starting center for the Thunder was so instantly reminiscent of Griffin's most famous in-game dunk over then-Knicks center Timofey Mozgov that Clippers announcer Michael Smith asked his broadcast partner Ralph Lawler, "Is it possible to top what he did last year?"

Lawler gushed in response, "[It's] almost a Mozgov!"

"It's better than a Mozgov! I didn't think it was possible to top him," shouted Smith.

Griffin quite literally did "top" Perkins, just as he did Mozgov. After setting a screen for Chris Paul and then taking a pass as he rolled to the rack, Griffin rose up. Seemingly too far from the rim to ever get there, he rose up and drew enough contact for the foul and then, somehow, managed to keep pushing toward the hoops and throw the ball through the rim for two points.

After Blake did what Blake does all over the previously intimidating Perkins, Twitter went and did what it does. Perhaps the most impressive thing about this insta-frenzy was the amount of athletes who were tweeting their amazement alongside fans, journalists and the hoops twitterati. Players from the NBA as well as MLB and NFL athletes were wowed by Griffin. Even LeBron James had to concede this posterization bested the mercenary, leap-frogging he'd committed against John Lucas.

WATCH: Slow-Motion Dunk